Forensics Faces strives to be a place where everyone can participate in discussions about speech and debate. One of our long-term goals is to make full transcripts of every episode available for any forends who desire a non-audio version of the show. Transcribing is a talent and a skill, and those who do it well should be compensated for the work they do. Forensics Faces is a labor of love, so at the moment we do not have the revenue to pay for those services. Until we do, we encourage any forends who would like a transcript to visit our YouTube page. Starting with episode 64, every episode of the pod will be available there with Closed Captioning just a few hours after the podcast episode is released.


YouTube offers this service at no cost. The transcripts aren't perfect, but we hope they provide an opportunity for more forends to listen (in whatever way works best for them), think & speak.

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